How to Survive Bankruptcy

How to Survive Bankruptcy

How to Survive Bankruptcy is a simple, inexpensive and absolutely invaluable guide to bankruptcy survival. If you are wanting to learn about the bankruptcy process from the early stages (worrying and contemplating) through the end stages (recovery and rejoicing), then this is what I would consider required reading.

Many people are embarrassed to buy a bankruptcy book at the local bookstore and they often canot afford an initial consultation with an attorney. This book is under $30 and can be read online! LOL - my own attorney would have charged me $200 or more for this same information!

More information is available on the How to Survive Bankruptcy Website.


Recommended Reading:
37 Days to Clean Credit is a "well-written and very effective course - one of the most popular self-help guides in the credit repair genre these days!"
       - Bad Credit Auto Loans Blog
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