FICO Score Needed for Auto Loan

Just noticed that my wife's FICO score is starting to work it's way up and is now at 649. i know the score still needs work, but it's nice to see it trending up to the point that we might in fact qualify for a car loan.

My FICO score is still at 588 so it puts me in the bad credit auto loan column but at least the wife's is getting better.

Getting A Home Loan With Bad Credit

Getting A Home Loan With Bad Credit Everybody wants to be able to get a house one day, and in many cases it can actually be cheaper than renting. So why should bad credit stop someone from getting the necessary mortgage to be able to buy...

Why You Should Avoid Consolidating Your Credit Card Accounts

Why You Should Avoid Consolidating Your Credit Card Accounts

If you have five credit credit cards with small balances, it may seem like a good idea to consolidate them all into one single credit card account. After all, you'll have a smaller quantity of cards to manage and your interest rate might even improve. So why shouldn't do this?

The credit reporting agencies would much rather see five small balance cards than one high balance account. It might be easier for you to manage a single account but your credit score will very likely take a ding if you choose to do this.

A word to the wise... since getting a car loan, and any loan for that matter, is based on your credit score, it's important to manage everything that might affect that score negatively.

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