Bad Credit Car Loans and Dealer Financing

Bad Credit Car Loans and Dealer Financing

If your have bad credit, it's best for you to work out your car loan before choosing the car. While it's possible to get a new or used car loan with a bankruptcy on your record or a poor poor credit history, it does require some creativity and a lot of additional leg work.

One relatively new concept in bad credit auto lending has been around for years in other sectors. Have you considered dealer financing?

Some used car lots are now financing cars in-house by offering a buy here, pay here option. With this type of auto loan arrangement, you usually don’t even go through a credit check. Instead, you drop off your car payment at the dealership every week.

While the interest on these types of loans will be high, they are generally a good choice for borrowers with such bad credit that a credit check would entirely eliminate their chance of obtaining a loan. Before going with dealer financing however, you should apply at Auto Loan For Any Credit to determine if you qualify for traditional financing.

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  1. Ya for people with bad credit, this will be really useful

  2. Indeed it is scary to have bad credit. That is actually the reason why I use debit cards and my atm rather than have the credit card where I would have difficulty controlling my expenses.. Thanks for sharing this service to use and the tips that can be found within.


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