What's The Average FICO Score?

Q. I was rejected for an auto loan because of my bad credit score (469). Do you know what percentage of Americans have this low of a score? What’s the average FICO score?

A. According to Fair Isaac, the distribution of scores is as follows:

400-499 2%
500-549 5%
550-599 8%
600-649 12%
650-699 15%
700-749 18%
750-799 27%
800+ 13%

Your score of 469 puts you deep into the subprime (bad credit auto loan) market. You'll need to find a cosignor or find in-house financing in order to get your car loan approved.

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  1. wow, it helps in this current economic condition. thanks for sharing !


  2. it's crazy how spread out over the board those credit scores are... just tells me that they are total crap and credit reporting agencies should all be put out of business.

  3. I agree. I think that credit scores don't take enough into account and are hurting the average american.

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